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ενδιαφέροντα οικο-νέα

... για την απελευθέρωση των σκλάβων του 21ου αιώνα...     Προσθέθηκε στις: 24/03/2008
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Students hang out Topshop’s dirty laundry this weekend

in Fashion & Beauty , newconsumer magazine, Friday February 29, 2008 Gemma Taylor writes...
21st century student protests

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned student protest and tomorrow students will be protesting at Topshop stores across the UK over sweatshop conditions in the company’s supply chain.

They’ll be hanging Topshop’s dirty laundry outside stores as part of the Redress Fashion campaign, run by People & Planet, Britain’s largest student network concerned with human rights, global poverty and the environment.

The protests aren’t retro though, there’s no marching demos or sit-ins, instead they’ve been redesigned to hit Topshop where it hurts – in the lined pockets of the Arcadia group it belongs to – lined with cotton produced with neglect for human rights.

As well as quietly educating shoppers, who might otherwise casually walk through the store doors without a second thought, students too will be going on in – and then back in again, asking for refunds on the basis that the goods aren’t satisfactory (due to the labour conditions in the supply chains.) – using consumer rights to make a point about workers’ rights.

Topshop, which uses the slogan ‘we love students!’ pulled out of a Fairtrade discussion in Oxford last week, People and Planet believe it was because it feared student criticism, as it dawned on the company that the love is not reciprocated. With student discounts, student nights and campus tours to back its slogan, Topshop makes no secret that students are its target market.

Sarah Waldron, People & Planet campaigns officer, said: ‘The Arcadia Group is the biggest high street retailer not to sign up to the Ethical Trading Initiative. Time and again, Philip Green’s business has been associated with unacceptable working conditions. If he wants to continue to attract students through the doors of Topshop, Philip Green must drag his company into the twenty-first century and change his business ethics.’

Protests are planned at Topshop stores across the UK on Saturday 1 March

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